Bury My Songs

14 Feb-10 March 2024

PV 14 Feb 18:00-20:00



@terrace_gallery Lea Bridge Library, London E10

You retreat to the woods, but the silence is booming.
Thick with the mist of age-old spirits
and journeys long trodden before you,

The woods are alive
humming the hymns of not your people.

You don’t have people.

If you bury your hands into the soil, will it know you?
Will you leave tiny traces;
invisible twine that links to the land,
to the roots of the trees
and the threads from the past?

Will you be absorbed into the lore?

If you spread these threads, will they listen?

This group exhibition explores the ways in which dislocation affects our relationship with landscape and its Spirit of Place.

List of participating artists:

Helen Baines | @green.greenie

Crimson Boner | @crimsonwales

Jione Choi | @ji_one_art

Renata Fernandez | @rofz_studio

Justine Formentelli | @jformentelli

Farnaz Gholami | @farnaz.gholami

Anya Kashina | @anya.kashina

Sylwia Narbutt | @sylwianarbutt

Sarah Tew | @sarahtewartist

Monica Perez Vega  | @monicaperezvega

Poem by Monica Perez Vega

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