Pocket Thicket

Pocket Thicket at the Brixton Beneficiary is an experimental installation by transnational artists Sylwia Narbutt and Monica Perez Vega which responds to the idea of Genius loci or Spirit of Place

Weary Harold

Group exhibition at ASC Gallery that looks to the spaces between weary and wonder; familiar and fatigued, experience and exploit. Inspired by the Byronic hero from the epic poem, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.

Wild Grapes

Wild grapes are an uncultivated entanglement; a dance of shape and line. They are gnarly, persistent and exist against great odds; a thriving luxuriance amidst aridity. Stumbling onto their refreshing sweetness is a reminder of the joy that can be found in everyday life.

Group exhibition at Unit 3 Project Space. 


For the first issue of SWAG Zine, 12 artists contributed to this experimental zine project. Each artist submitted an artwork which was then anonymously shared to another participating artist- who reciprocated a written response. The responses could take any form and range from essay, poetry, free-form and fiction. ​


Anna Choutova, Anya Kashina, Ben Stephenson, Betsy Kilpatrick, Carl Form, Carolyn Blake, Crimson Boner, Farnaz Gholami, Gabriela Giroletti, Hannah Campion, Helen Baines, Jack Sutherland, Jazmin Donaldson, Jione Choi, Julie Caves, Julie Moss, Justine Formentelli, Karolina Albricht, Kiri Bull, Lara Cobden, Liam Mertens, Michal Raz, Lucy Smallbone, Monica Perez Vega, Olivia Mansfield, Phoebe McMullan, Renáta Fernandez, Roxanne Simone, Sarah Tew, Shaun Morris, Sylwia Narbutt, Tom Farthing,  Shaun Morris, Yiwei Xu

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