curation and advisory

bespoke projects led with curiousity, collaboration and care

art Advisory

We provide bespoke curation and advice to clients who are seeking to enhance their living or working spaces through art. We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Art selection and acquisition

We collaborate with clients in choosing art pieces that align with their tastes, environment, and budget. We listen carefully to find the perfect artwork for their space. With an interest in promoting the work of emerging to mid-career artists, we also assist in commissioning new or site specific work.

Art curation

We help clients curate their existing art collections or create a new one by selecting and arranging artworks in a way that complements the space, sparks a curiosity or creates a conversation.

Art installation

Working with experienced art framers and technicians, we ensure that all artwork is professionally installed and displayed in the best possible way.


We provide a range of creative and bespoke workshops to spark curiosity and engagement with the arts. We collaborate with schools and organisations to facilitate workshops for all ages and abilities. We also organise outdoor activities that inspire a care for nature through art.

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